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Our History:

In September 1977 TECNOSOLAR was born; a business dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and service of solar energy systems.

In May 1985 Ayre was born; a business dedicated to selling, installing and servicing all kinds of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Both companies merged in August 1989 as Ayre de Mexico.

In 1998, HYDRO was born; dedicated to water treatment and purification.

Our Reach:

Engineering applied to air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, as well as water treatment and purification.

We sell, install and service this equipment and its parts.

Our Infrastructure:

We have our headquarters in Mexicali and are also present in Tijuana, Ensenada, Hermosillo, Nogales, La Paz and Los Cabos. We also do work in cities surrounding each one of our branches.

The technical team consists of 22 service vehicles. Each squad is fully equipped with the appropriate tools to perform a quality, professional job; as well as being covered with an insurance policy that protects your assets from potential damages caused by either our personnel or their tools.


Quality gives value to our work. Quality in all of our products, services, parts, installations - in everything we do.

Quality is a norm to us. We know you appreciate it, that's why we make Quality our main commitment.

Quality, Service, Cleanliness... this is important to us. That's why nobody does it better.

Environmental Conscience:

We recover and recycle refrigerant to protect the environment.

We separate garbage properly.

We monitor our vehicles' emissions to the environment, trying to keep them as low as possible by servicing our vehicles appropriately and planning our routes strategically so they are used the least possible.

We are in the process of obtaining environmental certification according to norm ISO 14001.


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